The most popular American companies in China

January 9, 2012  |  Market Analysis

A recent article by MSNBC outlined the most popular American companies in China.  Their methodology was to take the top brands in the US then pick the top 10 brands in China based on market share.

The top 10 companies are (market share in parentheses):

  1. KFC (40%) – If you’ve travelled domestically in China, KFC topping this list wouldn’t be a surprise. There are KFC’s everywhere which are always packed, and they’ve adapted to the Chinese cultural taste better than any other fast-food brand.
  2. General Motors (12.8%) -GM’s sales in China has topped the U.S. in recent years.
  3. Microsoft (99.3) – This statistic is very misleading. Most Microsoft software is pirated with an estimate of only 20% of legitimate Windows licenses.
  4. Boeing (52%) - Air travel has increased 16% in 2011 from 2010.
  5. Nike (N/A) – Followed closely by local brand Li Ning which has more than a 30% share.
  6. Coca Cola/Sprite (61.5%/26.95) – Did you know that Sprite is the NUMBER one soda in China?
  7. Procter & Gamble (55%) – Leader in hair care products with room to grow.
  8. Intel (14.9%) -This is the share of ALL semicoundoctor revenue (chips that go into computers, mobile phones, set-top boxes, etc.).  Intel has between 70-80% market share in PC’s (desktop, notebook and server computers).
  9. Starbucks (70%) – The global leader in coffee store sales is also the leader in China.
  10. Apple (51%) – With over half the tablet market and the fourth position in smart phones, Apple has become the luxury brand of gadgets.
Again, for those that live or have lived in China this list wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. To see a list where Chinese brands dominate, one should look at the software and web services market. Note the numerous technology and communication companies that appear on the top 50 Chinese brand list.

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